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Mary's Heritage Home

First a little history:

This is a traditional 2 story "Row House" from the late 1800's.  Her grandmother purchased this house and subsequently raised her family here.  Mary's grandfather worked at the nearby Baltimore & Ohio Railroad repair shops.  This house has been passed down through inheritance to Mary.  It has been rented out for the past 10+ years and in early 2003 a decision was made to reclaim the house and renovate it to something near it's original state (at least as Mary remembers it).  Just before the last tenant vacated, a small fire broke out and caused some minor fire damage, and major smoke damage.  It was decided to gut the house as it did require a lot of repair work. 

Upon completion of the "gutting" it was found that there was additional structural damage that needed to be repaired.  The general condition found was as follows:

bulletMain roof needs to be stripped, wood replaced, beams replaced, and recovered.
bulletRear 2nd story brick wall requires extensive repair around windows.
bulletBoth entrance doors require replacement
bulletDue to fire all electric wiring to be replaced, as well as all plumbing.
bulletSince plumbing is to be redone, the bathroom is to be relocated.
bulletAll windows were damaged by the heat from the fire or by the Firemen ventilating the house.

As the list above shows there was a lot of work ahead of us, re-construction was started around September 03.  What will be shown here is a selection of pictures to show the progress.