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The original Ford Thunderbird was displayed in 1954 and the first ones were sold around Oct 1954.  This was a 1955 2 seater roadster with a hardtop option. These cars were only produced for 3 years 1955, 1956, & 1957.  In 1958 the 2 seater was replaced with a 4 seat version and the legend of the Ford roadster was put on the shelf and thought to be lost forever.

Having seen one of these original Birds, I fell in love with the car and have wanted to own one ever since.  I can remember in 1966, while in the Navy and stationed in Long Beach, California, meeting a girl whose sisters owned a 56 (I believe). As much as I tried, I could not convince them to allow me to drive it.

In 1998 the 4 seat version of the Thunderbird was scraped and in 1999, Ford announced they were going to re-release the 2 seater version of the Thunderbird.  Upon hearing this I set out to purchase one when it became possible. I anxiously awaited the release of information on the new version.


The rest of the story can be read under the My TBird page.  Details about both series of Tbirds are available under the appropriate tab.  I hope you enjoy this information.