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The early days and my cars


This part of the site is devoted to My Thunderbird.  A long awaited purchase.  I have owned many cars over the years, but this is becoming one of the best.  Having spent part of my early years at the drag strip and messing around with various cars, I have developed a great deal of enjoyment out of hotrods.  At one time in my youth, I owned the following cars:


1956 Ford 2 dr w/300 six - second car on the road


1955 Chevy 4 dr w/six - purchased for the engine & transmission


1956 Ford 4dr w/351 Merc V8 - modified to be a custom truck 


1937 4 dr Chevy - was to be restored, but with the 55 Chev engine & tranie

While I never was able to complete the 37 Chevy rebuild due to entering the service, I still enjoyed them.

As previously stated, I have always wanted an original 56 or 57 Thunderbird (prefer the 56).  Having never been able to find one that I could acquire, I was elated to hear that Ford was bringing back the 2 seat version of the Thunderbird.  I began following all the press releases, checking the web site, and visiting the dealers in my area for any information on the new Bird.

2000 - Watching the Ford web site and saw the first pix of the bird as well as in various car magazines.

2001 - After visiting all the dealers in my area, received a call from one that they were taking delivery on a TBird Blue one.  So I was able to see my first one! 

2002 - Well I am now ready to order, but it's too late, all orders have been taken for our area.  But I keep in touch with all the dealers as to when they will be taking orders for the 2003.  Unfortunately I find out that the TBird Blue will not be carried over to 2003!  Well in April, I received a call from one of the dealers, they had a car for me to look at. It turned out to be a 02 TBird Blue Deluxe w/Hardtop!  I took it for a test drive and fell completely for it (had 7 miles on it and 14 when we got back). 

Well on May 1, 2002 I took delivery of my very own 2002 Thunderbird and the rest will be history in the making!