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Last updated: 06/9/04

  The contents of this part will be under major changes.  Check back often to see the new items.


I am redesigning this part of the site to reflect some of my hobbies. The initial focus is my interest in Railroads, particularly the B&O Railroad, Americas first rail road and my interest in cars, specifically my new Thunderbird.

Trains - I will be adding information about my field trips to B&O sites (and others) , my modeling efforts, railroad collectibles, and a layout that I am preparing to build.  

My Thunderbird - while the focus is of course on my great new car, I will occasionally post information that I may run across related to hot rods, classic cars, or cars in general.  

All in all this is just my way of sharing my fun, interests and experiences with anyone who wants to listen.

So look things over and enjoy, be happy to hear from you on any subject.


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